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This has probably been considered before… 

but watching The Lion, Witch and the Wardrobe, it just stood out to me so completely… I wonder whether Rowling was influenced at all by the traits of the Pevensies when deciding what makes people fit int he houses?

Peter is a leader, takes charge, takes risks, tries to protect his family, but is willing to stay and help in the war.

Susan is logical, she thinks things through, and Peter admonishes her for trying to be ‘smart’ at a time of danger. Also, she enjoys games using a dictionary :P

Edmund, he nearly sells out his family for his own wants and own ambition. He is not evil, nor really bad, but his acts of selfishness and self-preservation lead his decision-making for some time. He envies Peter and strives to make himself better. 

Lucy is kind and friendly and hardworking and loyal. The very first creature she came across in Narnia (Mr Tumnus) she immediately sought to befriend, as she does with all around her. 

I just… really like the parallels here :)

Plus, crossovers are fun!

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