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DATE NIGHT @ The Angel Cafe, Toowoomba

Samwise’s bosses spoiled us with an amazing tasting menu!

  1. (Not Photographed) Canape - Chicken Liver Parfait on Crout with Tomato Relish
  2. Ocean Trout with Spiced Pineapple and Goat’s Cheese - The flavours in this were incredible
  3. Crispy Skinned Barramundi with Spiced Pumpkin Puree and grilled eggplant - Beautiful combination of flavours!
  4. Crispy Skinned Pork Belly with Spiced Apple Puree, Balsamic Reduction and “Chef Rick’s Garden Peas” - Again, the flavours, they were mouthwateringly delicious.
  5. Duck Breast with Truffle Polenta and Kirsch-soaked Cherries. It was utterly SUPERB!
  6. Beef Rib with Cabbage, Beetroot, and Spiced Pumpkin Puree with Barbecue Jus. - Excellent, flavourful, and so, so tender!
  7. Palate Cleanser A - Sour Apple Sorbet - So lovely and light and yummy!
  8. Lamb Neck and Rump, with Garlic Mash, Asparagus, Sugarsnap and Lamb Jus - The lamb neck was incredible, it was like a really fantastic lamb shank, it was all very good!
  9. (Not Photographed) Palate Cleanser B - Rockmelon Sorbet - I could seriously eat a TUB of this stuff!
  10. Ryan’s Berries and Cream - Meringue with three different berry sorbets, 2 berry coulis, Blueberry Jellies, Spherefied Raspberry Consomme and Candied Vanilla Bean. - This was probably the most INCREDIBLE meal of the night. Utterly FANTASTIC, it blew us away!
  11. And to finish! Soft-Centre Chocolate Fondant with Vanilla Anglaise and Espresso Icecream with a Tuile.
    So tasty and chocolatey and what a way to finish an incredible night!

It was such a beautiful night with a beautiful man, and beautiful food! It was all SO. DAMN. FANTASTIC.

This is the kind of foods that Samwise spends 60 hours a week making, and it was so nice to experience it with him, and have time to get out of the house together and just relax, and listen to him talk about the food and tell me about each thing as it comes out, and see his passion for cheffing, and hearing stories about the kitchen and the fun they have. And just having some solid Sammy-time. I am content in all ways tonight :)

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